We aim to provide high quality care for children from 6 months. This care we hope to maintain for many years to come. Our parents can feel safe in the knowledge that their child will be developing considerably in personal and social skills, physical, creative, mathematical, communication, language and literacy skills and also in their knowledge and understanding of the world.

Our nursery environment is well-planned, safe and organized, giving every child the richly stimulating environment they deserve. Children need opportunities to explore, experiment, plan and make their own decisions, and this we profoundly encourage.

Our children are loved, included, secure, and valued in all aspects of nursery life.

We value the close relationships with our parents, we take time to liaise daily, and keep them informed on their child’s progress, and also the progress and direction of the nursery.

We feel confident that parents and guardians know we are available any time for discussion and informal chats.

We aim to maintain this high standard, and we are certain that our excellent reputation will be upheld for many years to come. We are proud of the fact that a considerable number of children have booked into Ashleigh on recommendation alone. It is because of this and the countless other positive comments from past parents that we feel we have no need to advertise, which in itself is a great achievement.

We are constantly evaluating and reviewing procedures to make your child’s days at nursery fulfilling, safe, happy and exciting. This could only be made possible by the blessing of good management, wonderful loyal staff, excellent facilities, supportive parents and adorable happy children.